Myburgh Global is a reputable, all-inclusive, corporate and commercial law firm. We serve a boutique client base across continents.


We proudly boast a talented and experienced team of partners and multi levelled attorneys, advocates and legal consultant teams. We recruit, retain and advance the brightest legal talent in multi-industry and multi-nation expertise, laterally opening the globe to our clients.

In a global business environment, Myburgh Global understands the importance of maintaining a sense of global vision in relation to the jurisdiction of the local industry. As a corporate team, we willingly walk the extra mile with our clients by building long term advisory relationships and providing responsive, professional and high quality legal services throughout the world when the need arises.

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Corporate Law Firm

Corporate Law

Dreaming about your own company, or thinking about exiting or terminating a current enterprise? At Myburgh Global, we offer a broad range of corporate legal services to suit each specific need. This includes start-up counselling, general corporate matters, angel and venture capital financing, merger and acquisitions as well as the sale of entities. We have a thorough understanding of the key factors contributing to the conclusion of transactions and arrangements and apply our expertise in an innovative and efficient manner whist being cost effective.

Wherever you may find yourself, doing business across the globe, our corporate lawyers draw on the resources of our commercial, arbitration, litigation, labour, employee benefits, tax, real estate and insolvency departments to provide our corporate clients with a one-stop solution.

Our goal at Myburgh Global is simple: We think global, so should your business!

Commercial Law

Our passion for commercial law, business transactions and corporate activities is the drive behind our Commercial Team. Skilled Attorneys, Advocates and Legal Consultants can provide expert advice and services to all clients at every level, providing extensive assistance throughout all legal processes. We negotiate and draft agreements, develop structures and create the best possible solutions on behalf of our clients.

At Myburgh Global we apply rigorous negotiating strategy and add value by drawing attention to various options and alternatives. We regard ourselves as deal-makers opposed to deal-breakers and have assisted in the conclusion of many substantial transactions and agreements. The same professionalism and other valued characteristics are applied in our approach to all transactions and offered services regardless the scale of the operation.

Litigation & Arbitration

Reaching the optimum outcome is the result of superb competence in our Litigation & Dispute Resolution Department. Our core focus is on corporate commercial litigation, arbitration, alternative dispute resolution and most importantly you, our client. Since each dispute is unique, it requires equally bespoke attention and a team dedicated to devise creative solutions. We seek to establish settlements that are mutually beneficial to all parties concerned through a process of dispute resolution. Should litigation be unavoidable, the interest of our client’s will be pursued with unrelenting rigour.

It is an unfortunate reality, but most organisations become involved in disputes at some stage. Resolving these conflicts can often be stressful, disruptive and costly. Clients choose to resort to Commercial Litigation & Dispute Resolution due to its effectiveness. As commercial organisations explore new markets, new technologies and new ways of doing business, the importance of effective dispute management has become crucial. It is our believe that many disputes are predictable and therefore avoidable, but it also happens that unexpected conflicts arise which can be effectively managed. In situations such as these, negotiation or mediation often leads to a satisfactory solution, however, resorting to a more aggressive litigation strategy may be unavoidable at times. Whatever the dispute, at Myburgh Global, we always aim to find commercially realistic and cost effective solutions.

Gateway to Africa

Our operations in Africa reflects the opportunities abundantly granted by this generous continent. It rises to meet the demands and needs of our clients. The partnerships we have established in Africa translates the growing investment opportunities, increasingly available finance for African Businesses and Operations as well as stimulating trade and other opportunities across the globe into the African continent. These operations provide access to new markets and products, improved infrastructure, well negotiated transaction costs, greater access to service providers, more employment and increasing entrepreneurial opportunities. Through extensive experience, Myburgh Global has been able to establish an extended network in Africa that host many mutually beneficial outcomes. Our understanding of local markets and customs as well as restrictions along with the ability to navigate multiple jurisdictions serves as great advantage to our clients.

Even though we are globally set, Myburgh Global operates as one law firm; the partner you can choose with confidence.

Corporate Finance

Our team consists of experienced specialists with master degrees in business and investment management as well as registered lawyers specialising in international commercial law and cross border transactions. The team is completed by specialists in corporate finance and commodity trade.

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